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I started my journey as a photographer in the early 80's with my father’s Polaroid Land Camera. In ’88 I purchased a Pentax K1000 and under the tutelage of Mrs. D. Keats and Mr. J. Arts I developed my photographic “eye”. Many hours were spent in dark rooms, among the chemicals and paper, learning my art.  In 1990 I was hired to photograph a wedding and thus my life as a professional photographer began. Twenty years later I traded the darkroom for Photoshop and rolls of film with memory sticks. Besides weddings and portraits, my work has been published on such sites as breathecast.com, and provided to the PR firm Ogilvy & Mather.

I particularly enjoy High Art shoots, especially when the model gets involved with the creative process (Thank you Hannah), But My interests also cover Wildlife, Landscape, Automotive, Race, Events, Candid, and of course, portraits.  I am always up for a challenge and appreciate when a subject pushes me out of my comfort zone to make better art.

For the time being my private studio is in my rec room, this may be uncomfortable for some, and trust me, having strangers enter my house is not the most ideal situation.  Until I can afford a better solution, I can packing up my gear and can setup in a location comfortable for the client if needed.

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