What to Wear

The following are ‘rules of thumb’ and by no means will I turn you away for changing things up. If you have a specific goal in mind, let me know and we’ll make it happen.

A studio session can last 3 hours, there is plenty of time to change outfits and try new looks. Come prepared with several outfits or items to mix and match. Let your imagination go wild, adventurous souls have used scarfs and sheets creatively. A photoshoot is as much an opportunity for you to be creative as it is for me.

You will have a dressing room and a bathroom with good lighting and large mirror to touch-up your hair and makeup. Feel free to invite a HMU artist, or I can refer one.


In studio I will often shoot against a black or white background, thus anything you wear should stand out. 

If you are considering adding Blacklight with UV paint to your session, You will want to wear black as cover.  You may want to leave tattoos visible and painting them in for effect. Alternatively you can wear Wear Black, white, or florescent colors.

Untitled photo

Ladies, if you want a portfolio ‘Head and Shoulder’ shot, avoid covering your shoulders and, if possible, wear a black low-cut sleeveless blouse


Considering adding silhouettes to your session?  Typically you will want to wear form fitting solids or lose fitting with a sewn design in a mostly translucent garment.  At the discretion of the client maternity silhouettes  are commonly nude, semi-nude, or implied nude, but are

Layla Mae Maternity

"What NOT to Wear" OR "How NOT to Wear It"

Daylight sun and studio flashes are powerful, if you are wearing thin fabrics consider what you have on underneath. If at all possible match the color of your underwear to your outerwear. (Sample exaggerated)

If you wear a bra, match the straps to what you are wearing, or go strapless. If pasties are your thing, please use ones that are close to your skin-tone.

Untitled photo
EC SC - Mothersday

‘Skinny’ Jeans/pants: For the love of all that is fashionable, DO NOT tuck your shirt/blouse into skin tight pants. The result will look like you’re wearing an adult diaper. (I will send you back to the dressing room for this one.)

Other Considerations

Body Paint/Costume Cosmetics – Pre-test the product! Come prepared to remove it if an allergic reaction starts. There is a shower if needed. Make sure you are using a quality product that will not stain the carpets or backdrops.

Tattoos – If you wish to hide them, please do so with a heavy concealer or other forms of cover. I will not ‘Photoshop’ them off of you.

Blacklights - Some hair sprays, cosmetics, and laundry detergents can fluoresce with uv lights. Caution: blacklights operate in the UVA spectrum- 365-400 nm. While deemed safe, long term exposure to skin or eyes may have adverse effects. Avoid looking directly into the blacklights.

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